Munich Airport

Integrated Report 2022



Digital airport: Optimized processes for travelers and employees

We attach high strategic priority to the digital transformation of our processes and services. With the establishment of a platform for digitalization and innovation projects, experts are now working together across disciplines and divisions in key areas to create measurable added value for travelers, business partners, and employees: 


Pioneering security technology for passenger checks

At Terminal 2, state-of-the-art security technology began to be installed as standard equipment at the hand baggage checkpoints starting at the beginning of 2023. All control stations are to be successively equipped with 60 computed tomography (CT) scanners and 48 newly designed control lanes over the coming years. Our passengers will benefit from enhanced safety, increased efficiency, and improved comfort as a result of the new technology. For example, electrical devices or liquids will no longer have to be presented separately. The new technology may also eliminate fluid restrictions in the future. Munich Airport will therefore be the first airport in Germany to be fully equipped with the new security technology and convenient control lanes.

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