Munich Airport

Integrated Report 2022


Personnel management

Air traffic recovery requires adjustment of personnel management

The Munich Airport Group responded to the dramatic decline in traffic during the Corona pandemic with, among other measures, a restrictive cost-cutting program, a hiring freeze, and short-time working. In spring and summer 2022, with the easing of the extraordinary pandemic situation, there was a need to respond to the sudden increase in passenger and handling processes after a period of temporary shutdown. With a return to pre-crisis levels forecast for 2025 at latest, the situation in the sector-specific and general German labor market will continue to worsen at the same time. Consequently, targeted and effective investment in personnel is needed to recruit new staff for all areas of the Group as well as to retain existing employees and deploy them in a manner that adds value.

In order to make FMG more adaptable to external influences in the long term, the HR strategy sets out target profiles with a wide range of requirements for HR management – for example, demographic development and social trends such as digital transformation. Our personnel concept is based on the current and forecast business situation and on our corporate strategy. It aims to strengthen the perception of the company as an attractive employer both on the personnel market and within the company. At the same time, young professionals have their own individual expectations of the company – for example, they favor flat hierarchies and sustainable entrepreneurial action on the part of the employer. These needs are reflected in the ongoing development of our human resources policy. Flughafen München GmbH is establishing a modern working environment.

With the introduction of the company agreement on the mobile office, FMG and AeroGround have already created an excellent basis for the implementation of contemporary regulations on hybrid working.

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