Munich Airport

Integrated Report 2022



Strategy 2030

As a customer-centric company, Flughafen München GmbH (FMG) offers first-class quality and services tailored to the market and demand through its own economic strength and ensures sustainable growth in the value of Munich as a hub location. We are expanding Munich Airport as a competitive and profitable premium hub, thus strengthening our position among Europe’s top airports. The intermodal mobility offering on the land and airside is to be further developed in terms of more efficient infrastructure and resource utilization. At the same time, we are also aware of the negative effects of airport operations and assume ecological responsibility together with our partners.

Positioning toward the future

The Strategic Vision 2030 charts Munich Airport’s path into the future: As the operator of the premium hub, FMG manages its business efficiently and aims to become an industry-wide role model for sustainable air traffic. The result is a modern company with sustainable connections that acts as an innovative competitor and trustworthy brand in dialogue with all stakeholders. High quality, economic success and the exemplary role as a green mobility hub with social responsibility do not contradict each other.

Efficient and needs-based action – always with a view to the impact on the Group as a whole – leads the company to long-term, value-driven growth rather than short-term, selective gains. Our business activities and strategic positioning also have an impact on Munich, Bavaria and Germany as a business location, the airport region and its inhabitants, employees, travelers, and the companies based at and around the hub. The resulting market requirements are the focus of business activities. In this context, the «M» brand forms a common framework, ensures consistency and provides orientation both internally and externally. «Living ideas – Connecting lives» means promoting cooperation and creating synergies. This makes the organization more efficient, faster and more adaptable.

Ambitious targets for successful development

The Group Strategy 2030 defines economic as well as environmental and social goals to meet the needs of all the airport’s stakeholder groups. The company must act consistently, taking into account its key stakeholders and the market, and grow sustainably in order to be successful in the long term: Economic efficiency is just as important as social and ecological responsibility. At the same time, growing social pressure and tougher competitive conditions can be felt in the industry.

A demand-driven and modern infrastructure is crucial to achieving the objectives. The airport will therefore be investing more heavily in maintenance and modernization in the coming years in order to safeguard its core aviation business and drive forward its real estate business and commercial business units. The continued development of real estate and infrastructure is a key element in creating targeted offerings for customers and enhancing the quality of their visit.

By adjusting our product and service portfolio and diversifying away from locations and air traffic, such as international business (Munich Airport International) and the development of the LabCampus, we will achieve additional value for the Group.

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