Munich Airport

Integrated Report 2022



Sustainability program

The sustainability strategy is made up of the core elements of «Material issues» of sustainable development, which are identified in the Materiality Analysis, and their implementation plan which is part of the sustainability program.

The holistic understanding of sustainability is driven by the application of a Balanced Business Model that integrates all three perspectives of sustainability. Every year, dedicated discussions are held to update the strategic sustainability program with the relevant units and assess achievement of targets.

Overall, FMG's sustainability strategy contributes to the global United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Integration of sustainability criteria in controlling
Implementation concept for the identification and regular recording of control-relevant non-financial key figures, including their inclusion in the Group management framework2022100 (completed)
Stronger implementation of relevant non-financial KPIs in the existing management tools of Group controlling2024 (extended)50
Increased consideration of economic implications from sustainability effects in the context of economic feasibility studies (e. g. for construction projects)202450
Implementation of the Sustainable Finance Strategy and its indicationsImplementation of the EU Taxonomy Regulation, including examination of business activities for taxonomy eligibility and compliance, taking into account the technical assessment criteria202610
Review of advantageous financing options for investments related to the topic of sustainability, especially for process optimization, (energy) efficiency improvements, and digitalizationOngoingOngoing
Updating the Group strategyConcretization of Strategy 2030 into an implementation roadmapOngoingOngoing
Quantification of Group targets and measures in the integrated strategy and planning processOngoingOngoing
Continued development and expanded market access for subsidiary Munich Airport International GmbH through establishment of a regional office in the Asia/Pacific region2022100 (completed)
Reduction in personnel costs in the GroupReduction of time credits, utilization of short-time work, and implementation of the emergency collective agreement202380
Reinforcement of the Munich Airport Group’s resilience to breakdowns in critical business processesImplementation of a comprehensive business continuity management system in the Munich Airport Group202425
Management of non-financial opportunities and risks and derivation of appropriate measuresIntroduction of systematic processes for the specific identification, prioritization and management of non-financial opportunities and risks (e. g. climate-related risks)OngoingOngoing
Investigations into the potential impact of extreme precipitation on Munich Airport, conducting calculations and expert assessments, as well as conceptual development of appropriate mitigation measures2024 (extended)65

Aviation development, safety and security

TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Ensuring smooth and efficient air trafficProvision of an Airport Operations Plan (as a KPI dashboard)2023 (extended)50
 Upgrade to more efficient passenger boarding bridges with presence detectors and LED lighting20275
Concept development for optimized capacity planning, punctuality and situational awareness of aircraft turnarounds202310
Prevention of possible bird collisions through sophisticated biotope management (for example, by taking into account the needs of rare meadow nesting birds/bird protection during renovations and construction work)OngoingOngoing


TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Digitalization and personalization of the customer experienceBundling of touch points for customers through airport and partner channels and optimization of personalized communication and offers2026 (extended)20
Expansion of the digital gate announcement voice service in Terminal 1202390
Automated answering of inqueries via various channels and assurance of round-the-clock service through a chatbot202435
Digitalization of the working environmentIntroduction of modern office platforms (including Microsoft 365)2024 (extended)50
Complete digitalization of the troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of the technical systems on campus, including the use of digital devices202370
Process digitalization, optimization, and automation using Power Automate (esp. workflows) and Celonis (esp. process mining)202410
Further development of the Airport Community App, which provides relevant information in digital form for all target groups operating at the campus (regardless of whether they are airlines, airport operators, or handling agents)OngoingOngoing
Introduction of digital IoT and AI services to optimize energy and load management202525
Establishment of efficient data managementOngoing development of digital channels to make the flow of information for customers and employees more secure and efficient2025 (extended)10
Establishment of group-wide data management for current and future use cases (data analytics, machine learning, rapid prototyping)202510

Sustainable infrastructure and construction projects

TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Implementation of energy-efficient and sustainable buildingCertification of selected sites according to the standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), construction of selected buildings according to the Gold StandardOngoingOngoing
Demand-oriented and economic development of airport propertyFurther development of the LabCampus urban development concept and implementation of the LabCampus construction measures (Cluster 1)2031 (extended)25
Procurement of affordable living space for employees in coordination with the municipalities of the region2029 (extended)5
Medium-term improvement of rail accessDevelopment of an expanded ÜFEX concept for Munich Airport (Überregionaler Flughafen-Express)2022100 (completed)
Concentration of ÜFEX concepts towards Nuremberg and Innsbruck202630
Analysis of the possibilities of integrating Munich Airport into the synchronized German railway timetable2022100 (completed)
Implementation of preparatory steps for the integration of the airport into the synchronized German railroad timetable as part of a) the demand plan review for federal rail routes or b) the revision of the federal transport infrastructure plan202310
Implementation of the electromobility strategyOperation of the vehicle fleet with regenerative energy supply203032
Expansion of the charging infrastructure203010

Customer orientation and service quality

TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Assurance of quality and efficiency at the Munich Airport siteIntegration of sustainability criteria in the selection of future tenants202320
Improved occupancy of space and streamlining and optimization of the center management portfolioOngoingOngoing
Introduction of autonomous technologiesConcept development for autonomous passenger boarding bridges throughout the campus202310
Implementation of the check-in concept Stage 1: autonomous bag drops in Terminal 1202330
Stronger integration of sustainability in the field of airport advertisingUse of sustainable materials for the production of advertising spaces as well as regional production2022100 (completed)
Reduction of waste products through greater use of digital advertising space, taking into account the high energy standard of digital advertising media202350
Sustainable product range for customersExpansion of sustainable services in the airport’s portfolio of products and services2023 (extended)10

Sustainable use of resources

TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Promotion of the circular economyBusiness case: uncovering the potential of materials that can be reused or recycled according to the circular economy and that enable for savings2022100 (completed)
Plastic reductionDevelopment of a Group-wide concept for reducing the use of disposable plastics2023 (extended)10
Responsible use of drinking waterIncreased use of service water instead of drinking water through the construction of service water wells202566
Establishment, operation, and ongoing development of the environmental management system in accordance with EMAS and DIN EN ISO 14001Control of the environmental management system in accordance with EMAS and DIN EN ISO 14001 (including the topics of noise and noise abatement, water, soil, air, nature, species and climate protection) for FMG, including the conducting of internal and external audits as well as recertification and revalidation every three yearsOngoingOngoing
Reduction of print productsIntroduction of digital destination information (QR code), elimination of analog information stands2023 (extended)80

Greenhouse gas (CO₂) and air pollutant emissions

TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Carbon-neutrality by 2030Conversion of the exterior lighting and apron lighting to LED technology2024 (extended)90
Optimization of energy efficiency in existing facilities202553
Green IT: New construction of a group data center including a concept for recovering waste heat2025 (extended)25
Expansion of photovoltaic systems on building roofs and ground-mounted systems at and around the airport to 50 MWp20292
Operation of the vehicle fleet with regenerative energy supply203032
Implementation of the renewable energy concept 2030 with biogas joint venture, PV expansion, PPA projects, and geothermal energy2030 (extended)10
Use of air curtains to reduce heat lossesOngoingOngoing
Continuous, gradual replacement of old motors with newer, more efficient motors for the baggage handling systemOngoingOngoing
Implementation of climate protection measures with cooperative partnersFitting of all positions near the building in Terminal 1 with Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA)2025 (extended)10
PCA systems: increase in utilization rate of T1 through scientific approach2022100 (completed)
PCA systems: increase in utilization rate through adaptation of rules and regulations, process optimization and communication concept20233
Introduction of an incentive model in which the storage and throughput of sustainable aviation fuels is free of charge2022100 (completed)
Marketing of the more climate-friendly «single engine taxiing» approach between runway and parking position through adaptation of the aeronautical handbook and communication concept20253
Net Zero MUC 2050Development of a «Net Zero MUC 2050» concept based on the ACI’s Net Zero Carbon Initiative2023 (extended)90
Implementation of the regional project «Climate Forest MUC» through forest transformation at various locations in Bavaria with a project duration of 30 yearsOngoingOngoing


TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Raise awareness of internal and external stakeholders regarding the issue of wildlife trafficking Collaboration with external stakeholders on campus to develop a wildlife trafficking awareness campaign2023 (extended)10

Transparent corporate governance

TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Further development of the communication strategyImplementation of a concept for communicating FMG’s strategic realignment2023 (extended)60
Integration of sustainability as a central component of the communication strategy2023100 (completed)
Creation of transparency and acceptance as well as ensuring a partnership-based dialog with all stakeholder groups of the companyContinued development of stakeholder dialog for statutory reporting requirements (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)2023 (extended)30
Fulfilling Munich Airport’s corporate responsibilityInvolvement in local and regional projects, for example, by supporting cultural initiatives, sports clubs, and educational institutesOngoingOngoing
Development of a catalog of criteria for sponsoring agreements2023100 (completed)
Optimization of the sustainability dialog with the workforce through the new social intranet202310
Implementation of the «Environment Public Relations Concept»,for example publication of measurements results in real-time (noise and air), transparent and comprehensive information on environmental topics via the website, participation in «BayernTourNatur» and «Munich Night of the Environment», maintenance and updating of the «Environmental Cycle Route»OngoingOngoing
Establishment of sustainable marketingStep-by-step transformation of aviation marketing to «sustainable marketing» in the dimensions of event marketing, online marketing, social media, advertising media, print mediaOngoingOngoing
Establishment of a Code of Conduct in the groupImplementation of the Code of Conduct in the group through training and increased internal communication2022100 (completed)
Establishment of a sustainable supply chainImplementation of the requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act in the relevant procurement processes (integration of the Code of Conduct and the measures from risk management in the purchasing guideline and the purchase to pay process)2023 (extended)90
Introduction of sustainability criteria in evaluation processes and annual meetings with strategic suppliers20240
Introduction of mandatory targets regarding the consideration of sustainability aspects in the contract award criteria in the tendering process for defined product groups20240
Identification of the role of the airport in dealing with human rights issuesAwareness-raising measures among the workforce, e.g. regarding topics like human trafficking2023 (extended)10

Occupational health and safety

TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Identification and assessment of mental healthDetermination of mental stress and definition of suitable measures to reduce it2022100 (completed)
Maintaining the employability of personnelRe-launch of Health Lounge AeroGround model project202325
Integration of occupational health and safety into management processesImplementation of additional management-relevant key figures, design and introduction of a new reporting system2023 (extended)100 (completed)
Use of automation processes to optimize occupational safetyRobotics: Development of a concept for the automation of processes in the ground handling service, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institut2026 (extended)30
Improvement of occupational safetyImplementation of a project to raise awareness of behavioral occupational safety202410
Procurement of occupational safety clothing and personal protective equipment including optimization of the procurement process202410
Procurement of security guard and operational clothing with reduced thermal load for the airport fire department2023 (extended)95

Attractive employer

TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Strengthening of employer attractiveness - internally (employee retention) and externally (employer marketing)Modernization and reorganization of the job evaluation and remuneration system for non-tariff employees202450
 Strengthening of the employer image in the region and nationwide202520
Optimization of employment conditions, for example, through relief measures and attractive employee benefits202330
Revision of the corporate learning strategy202410
Employee awareness for integration of sustainability in the workplacePromotion of sustainable behavior among the workforce (e.g. formation of car pools or use of local public transport, reduction of paper consumption, waste separation)202410
Increase in the quality of leadershipDevelopment and implementation of training modules on the subject of «Leadership in crisis»2022100 (completed)
Establishment of a regular management dialog2022100 (completed)
Continuation of regular management dialogs and derivation of corresponding measures for the targeted and needs-oriented development of competenciesOngoingOngoing
Development of a new leadership model for new managers2023100 (completed)
Development of an onboarding program for new managers2023100 (completed)
Development and establishment of a new qualification program for managers2024 (extended)60
Restructuring of the Group's in-house  training centerRedesign of the Airport Academy on the LabCampus2023 (extended)100 (completed)
Qualitative and quantitative matching of employee requirementsEmployee development through digital content and targeted development programs202450
Establishment of succession management for positions and areas of need (e.g. training/dual studies, trainee program, university interns, succession management for specialists)202520
Better organization and marketing of idea managementUse of a digital platform on which Group employees can make suggestions for improvements in all areas of the companyOngoingOngoing
Establishment of diversity managementDevelopment of measures similar to the various aspects of diversity set out in the Diversity Charter2023 (extended)50
Equal participation of all genders in management positions in the Munich Airport Group as defined in the objectives of the Group management report202450

Noise emissions and noise control

TargetMeasureEnd of measureStatus (%)
Reduction and monitoring of noise pollution from air trafficHandling of the noise reduction measures falling within the responsibility of FMG as outlined in the noise action plan of the Government of Upper Bavaria for Munich Airport, in collaboration with the relevant stakeholdersOngoingOngoing
Aircraft noise monitoring (stationary and mobile) in the airport region using innovative technology and the associated communication in real time and onlineOngoingOngoing
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