Munich Airport

Integrated Report 2022



Value creation – Munich Airport as an important economic factor

The economic impact of our business activities on our environment is complex. A basic distinction is made between effects resulting directly from airport operations and the effects of its use.

Effects resulting from airport operation

The value-added effects generated by the operation of the airport are divided into direct, indirect, and induced effects. Induced effects result from consumption from income payments. According to a study on the economic significance of the airport from 2018, all companies on the airport campus generated a direct gross value added of 3.78 billion euros. Together with the indirect value added from intermediate purchases and taking into account the further use of income, gross value added totaled 6.58 billion euros. 84 percent of this value added was generated in Bavaria. This meant that just under one in every hundred euros generated in the Free State in 2018 was linked to Munich Airport.

Gross value creation at Munich Airport has decreased considerably during the height of the coronavirus pandemic due to the associated traffic reductions. In the meantime, traffic volumes and all business activities have recovered, but pre-crisis levels have not yet been reached.

Effects resulting from the use of the airport

Location effects include positive economic impacts, such as increase in productivity and investments, plus a high level of employment and innovation. With 464 resident companies and government agencies currently employing a total of approximately 33,330 people, Munich Airport continues to be a major employer and economic factor for the region.

The airport makes the region more attractive as a business location and tourist destination, as its quick accessibility and international connections represent important criteria for attracting companies and the tourism industry. This creates numerous additional jobs in the greater Munich area. With orders amounting to millions of euros, we are an important client for local businesses. The airport’s economic ties with the region are reflected in the volume of contracts awarded: 39 percent 1) of these went to companies in the airport region in 2022. Moreover, as Bavaria's gateway to the world, we facilitate a multitude of global economic relations and thereby make an important contribution to foreign trade.

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