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Integrated Report 2022


Consolidated statement of changes in equity

Consolidated statement of changes in equity


 DisclosureSubscribed capitalReservesOther equityNon-controlling interestsEquity
   Capital reserveRevenue reserve   
As of Dec. 31, 2020VII. 12.306,776102,25831,3931,624,515202,064,962
Group profit/loss for the year 000−261,2960−261,296
Other comprehensive income 0035810,176010,534
Total comprehensive income 00358−251,1200−250,762
Withdrawals from reserves 00−43,92643,92600
Change in reserves 00−43,92643,92600
Effects of foreign currency translation 0009320932
As of Dec. 31, 2021VII. 12.306,776102,258−12,1751,418,253201,815,132
Group profit/loss for the year 000−58,7940−58,794
Other comprehensive income 005,6132,45408,067
Total comprehensive income 005,613−56,3400−50,727
Allocation to reserves 0018,123−18,12300
Change in reserves 0018,123−18,12300
Effects of foreign currency translation 0001,26701,267
As of Dec. 31, 2022VII. 12.306,776102,25811,5611,345,057201,765,672
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