Munich Airport

Integrated Report 2022


Construction projects

Numerous construction projects underway

We are strengthening our development prospects with demand-driven expansion and refurbishment projects. The most strategically important projects, such as the expansion of Terminal 1, the completion of the LabCampus innovation center, or the improved transport links to the airport, will be continued and completed – always with a focus on quality and the changing needs of customers and business partners. Negative effects, for example, on the environment and the airport area, will be kept to a minimum, for example by applying compensating and noise protection measures. Sustainable building concepts and the subsequent operation of the buildings are designed to minimize any adverse impact, for example, due to resource and energy consumption.


Air traffic continues to grow 

The effects of the Corona pandemic are still being felt, but international air traffic has returned to positive growth in fiscal year 2022. Experts believe that the long-term demand for mobility and thus global air traffic will continue to grow in the future. Munich Airport’s task is to ensure the availability of capacity for air traffic in line with demand.


Upgrade for Terminal 1

The expansion and modernization of Terminal 1 through the construction of a new pier is a strategic expansion project that will secure the future and competitiveness of Munich Airport. In 2022, the structural work was completed and the facade and roof of the terminal extension were finished. Interior work on the approximately 96,000-square-foot building began in spring 2023. Due to the Corona crisis and its impact on both air traffic and construction supply chains, the new terminal area is expected to be operational by the end of 2025. Travelers can then expect 16 additional piers, twelve state-of-the-art security screening lanes, and a new baggage claim area with four baggage carousels.

The new building will also feature a spacious marketplace with an extensive retail and restaurant offering, as well as two new lounges with panoramic views of the western apron. 


Innovation and research center LabCampus opened

To the northwest of the airport site, the LabCampus has been opened as a cross-industry innovation center with workspaces, showrooms, project and conference areas for networked research and development work. International innovators benefit especially from the location of the airport, which is designed as a smart city. In October 2022, the first office building, «LAB 48», was completed and went into operation at the beginning of February 2023. With an area of approximately 30,000 square meters, the building offers a variety of possible uses throughout four floors. German Air Traffic Control (DFS) already moved into its office space in November 2022. LabCampus also boasts ideal conditions for teaching and cutting-edge research: The Technical University of Munich (TUM), for example, is relocating the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics there on an interim basis. The necessary space for offices, teaching, workshops, laboratories, and student learning and work spaces is provided in «LAB 48» and «LAB 52».

Construction on the premises of the new AirportAcademy, which is also located on the LabCampus site, was completed on schedule. Since the beginning of 2023, the 14,000-square-meter facility has provided high-end technically equipped seminar rooms and rest areas, complemented by a spacious dining area. In the course of 2023, additional catering facilities will be built in the two buildings and the open spaces will be completed. A lighting and signaling concept specially designed for LabCampus was already implemented in the first quarter.



DHL plans express center at the airport

DHL Express Germany officially kicked off the construction of a new Express Center at Munich Airport in the summer of 2022 at a ceremonial groundbreaking. The volumes of DHL Express shipments at the Munich gateway have risen sharply in recent years. With a gross floor area of more than 11,000 square meters, the new building will increase the production area almost sevenfold. The building will then have two so-called «PUD fingers» (pick-up and delivery), at which up to 65 delivery vehicles can be handled simultaneously. For this purpose, the logistics company is leasing the land from Flughafen München GmbH. The investment volume of the project is around €104 million. The move and commissioning are scheduled for 2024.

During planning, special emphasis is placed on the use of energy-efficient materials and technologies. The new facility at Munich Airport is part of a comprehensive infrastructure program with which DHL Express is fundamentally modernizing and expanding its production sites in Germany. There is a daily flight connection to the international DHL Express hub in Leipzig, East Midlands in the UK and Milan-Malpensa in Italy.


P8: Construction of a modern parking building

At the beginning of 2023, the deconstruction of the P8 parking garage, which dates back to the early days of the airport, began. Demolition is expected to continue until the end of the year, after which construction work for the new parking garage will begin. Around 3,700 parking spaces will be created on eight parking decks with the corresponding charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Commissioning of the 167-meter-long and 65-meter-wide P8 is scheduled for 2026.


Connection to the airport remains a top issue

Improved accessibility by rail is of overriding importance for Munich Airport. This will allow for a more sustainable arrival and departure while expanding the catchment area for travelers and visitors. In spring 2022, the four-stage concept for improving rail connections for local, regional and long-distance traffic, which was developed jointly with the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transportation, was completed. Other regional train connections to and from the airport – for example, from the north – have been included in the considerations. Another milestone has been reached: With the signing of a realization and financing agreement, the stage has been set for the construction of the entire «Airport Munich West Overpass» project. A joint FMG and Deutsche Lufthansa AG working group is also addressing the overarching issue of intermodality at Munich Airport. Both partners see an urgent need for action to connect Munich Airport to the long-distance and ICE network.


Strategic construction projects


The first two buildings of the Innovation Center, LAB 48 and LAB 52, were completed in 2023. The AirportAcademy has now also started its training and education activities there.

Gateway DHL Express

The logistics company is erecting a new site at Munich Airport and leasing the land from FMG to do so. During the design of the building, special emphasis is being placed on the use of energy-saving materials and technologies.

New construction P8

Around 3,700 parking spaces are being created across eight parking decks, together with the corresponding charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The start of operations is planned for 2026.

T1 extension

A total of six wide-body aircraft or twelve smaller aircraft will be able to dock at the new Terminal 1 pier. A spacious marketplace with stores and restaurants is being created in the pier’s central building. The start of operations is expected at the end of 2025.

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