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Integrated Report 2022



Community engagement

Regional work: reliable partnership

Munich Airport is and remains a reliable partner for the region – especially when it comes to sports: We have renewed youth development contracts with almost all of our clubs. In the area of social affairs, volunteer work in the region was promoted, for example at Franziskuswerk Schönbrunn and Lebenshilfe Freising. In 2022, the airport again made an important and ongoing contribution to the region’s cultural diversity by supporting the Erding Jazz Days and the Moosburg Summer Festival.


Airport Association: Aid for Ukraine, Turkey, and Syria

A commitment to Ukraine was the top priority for the Munich Airport Association in 2022. The airport association has transported over 150 tonnes of relief supplies to the border regions with Ukraine. In addition, it supported facilities and institutions that cared for Ukrainian refugees in the various counties and municipalities. In February and March 2023, the airport association helped in the earthquake regions in Turkey and Syria. The association not only organized the collection of material and goods donations but also had two teams on-site. The relief teams assisted in feeding those affected and distributing supplies, as well as distributing clothing and toys to children and families. Since 2016, the association, which was founded by employees and friends of FMG 26 years ago, has carried the DZI seal of quality and trust in the German donation system. 

Flughafenverein München e.V. (German)

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