Munich Airport

Integrated Report 2022



Digital transformation and innovation

The digital transformation is a key strategic issue for the Munich Airport, which must be actively shaped in the coming years. Following the establishment of an interdepartmental platform for promoting the exchange of information and transparency for digital and innovation projects, experts have been collaborating much more closely in five key areas across different disciplines and departments since 2022, with the goal of creating measurable added value for passengers, business partners and employees. For example, biometric facial recognition technology, which was introduced in collaboration with partner Star Alliance, allows passengers to access contactless security and boarding gates. The main themes of the updated digital strategy comprise the following:

Innovation management should systematically promote the innovation culture in the company and support the implementation of the corresponding projects. The main emphasis is on new services and products that contribute to the company’s economic success and strengthen its competitiveness.

For this purpose, Munich Airport uses a digital cross-departmental trend scouting platform, via which relevant market and technology trends are tracked and analyzed together with experts from the specialist departments. The goal is to identify trends early on that have the potential to change Munich Airport’s business and to identify development opportunities for new products and services. Trend management is also intended to provide focus and orientation as well as essential inputs for the Group’s strategy work.

Digital strategy

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